Swimming with Sea Lions and Whale Sharks: Day Trip

Swimming with Sea Lions and Whale Sharks


Swimming with Sea Lions and Whale Sharks! 
Picnic Lunch at Isla Espiritu Santo

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This is a marine wildlife extravaganza kind of day in which we swim with the largest fish in the world - the whale shark, snorkel with one of the most playful marine mammals in the world - the sea lion, and have lunch on one of the most beautiful desert islands in the world - Isla Espiritu Santo. (Note: If you don’t want to do both adventures in the same day, you can choose either swimming with whale sharks or swimming with sea lions, but we recommend the whole package! Please see details below.)

We start off visiting the whale sharks – so named because at up to 59 feet and 15 tons they are definitely a whale of a shark – in the shallows of the Bay of La Paz. And while your mother probably told you to stay away from sharks, these gentle giants are only interested in plankton – all human flesh is safe! After the thrill of swimming next to these gentle giants, it’s off to the unbelievable joy of swimming and playing with the sea lion puppies at the permanent sea lion colony of Los Islotes. These fun-loving marine mammals love playing and interacting with humans, and are always disappointed that we can never keep up a game of tag as long as they can. Getting to the sea lion colony is half the fun of the day, as we regularly see dolphins, whales, mantas, sea turtles, coastal birds and more on the way there and back.

We cap off this wonderful day with a delicious picnic lunch at one of the gorgeous beaches on the incomparable Isla Espiritu Santo. It’s an absolutely fabulous day!

Price: Swimming with Sea Lions and Whale Sharks is $225/person and includes roundtrip Todos Santos/La Paz transportation, bilingual naturalist guide who is a certified Wilderness First Responder, boat/captain/snorkeling gear, and picnic lunch. If you prefer to choose just one of these adventures – swimming with sea lions or swimming with whale sharks, pricing is as follows:

Swimming with Sea Lions Only – includes all items noted above:

  • 2 people: $175/person
  • 4 people: $165/person
  • 6 people: $155/person

Swimming with Whale Sharks Only – includes all items noted above with exception of lunch and trip to Isla Espiritu Santo:

  • 2 people: $150/person
  • 4 people: $140/person
  • 6 people: $135/person