Sea-to-Sea Sierra La Laguna Trek

Sea-to-Sea Sierra La Laguna Trek


Three Days, Two Nights,  
One Magnificent Walk Across the Peninsula

This unforgettable trek across the Baja peninsula is a terrific adventure for avid walkers and campers. With burros carrying all our belongings and guides on hand to do all the cooking and show the way, we can simply relax and enjoy the walk through the magnificent scenery.
The variation is incredible. We start in the desert near Todos Santos, work our way up through spiny forests, then enjoy lush preserves of oak and mango. There are great lookout points with sweeping panoramic views of the peninsula along the way. We have several opportunities to play in rivers and waterfalls every day.
The hike on the first day is about 5.4 miles, takes roughly 4 hours, and has an altitude gain of about 1,750 feet. All our hard work pays off when we arrive at camp and the camp manager welcomes us with cold drinks, delicious snacks, warm sun showers and tents in place with our personal gear. Heavenly! The camp manager prepares all meals,mwhich include a delightful variety of Mexican dishes. All dietary restrictions happily accommodated. Red wine is available with dinner each evening.
On the second day there are a few day hikes we can choose to do from our base camp depending on the interests and fitness level of the group, and there are plenty more opportunities for swimming in mountain pools. The hike on the final day to the Sea of Cortez side is 10.8 miles, takes about 8 hours, and has an altitude loss of about 1,600 feet.\. There are plenty of refreshing pools to dip in along the way. Once we get to end of the trail our vans are there waiting for with cold drinks and ready to take us to the next destination. 

Overview of the Biosphere Reserve
The Sierra La Laguna Biosphere Reserve is one of Baja´s most beautiful but least explored areas. Part of an island off the coast of Baja 10 million years ago, the Reserve is one of the most biodiverse areas in the world. Reflecting it's long history of island isolation, almost 25% of plants and 10% of animals found in the Reserve are endemic to the area, i.e, they are not found anywhere else on the planet. In a recent study in the Reserve, scientists documented entirely new species of plants and insects that had never been seen before, and they believe there are many more yet to be discovered. In addition to wildlife such as mountain lions, mule deer, gophers and badgers, a wonderful array of birdlife inhabits the reserve, including the endemic cape pygmy owl, Xantus hummingbird and Belding´s yellowthroat.

The Sea-to-Sea trek is US$650/person, minimum 4 people, and this price includes:

  • Transportation to trailhead on Pacific side and pickup at trailhead on Sea of Cortez side
  • All meals from lunch on Day 1 through lunch on Day 3
  • Experienced, bilingual naturalist guide who is a certified Wilderness First Responder
  • Burros to carry the gear and their ranchero handlers, all of whom live in the area
  • Camp manager 
  • Sun showers and compost toilets
  • Dome tents and therma rests. We encourage people to bring their own sleeping bags but we can supply if necessary.