Fishing ‘n Whale Watching: Day Trip

Fishing 'n Whale Watching


Fishing 'n Whale Watching in Todos Santos
You Never Know What You're Going to See!

Ready for some serious, non-touristy fishing? You’ve come to the right place! Our captains and crew are 4th generation fishermen in Todos Santos. Quite simply, no one knows the hot spots better. And fish are not the only creatures we’re likely to encounter when we head out with the fishermen of Todos Santos. During certain months of the year the ocean is filled with marine mammals like humpback whales, gray whales, and sea lions, and we’ll often see them during our excursions on the water. We also regularly see sea turtles, mantas and more. And about the fish! Depending on the time of year you could be fishing for sierra (mackeral), dorado (mahi mahi), tuna, bonito (skipjack), red snapper, cabrilla (bass), amberjack and others. There’s a lot of marine life going on!

There is no natural harbor in Todos Santos so part of the fun is the surf launch and surf landing - check out our video below to see what it's all about!