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They (and their fans) are steaming mad at the NFL, the media and pretty much everyone outside of their world. You can see an "us-against-the-world mentality'' building. As motivational ploys go, that's not a bad one. In 2009, the Ravens chose to go with undrafted Steven Hauschka instead of re-signing veteran Matt Stover. Two months into the season, the Ravens released Hauschka after he missed four field goals including a game-winner at Minnesota. That's how Cundiff ended up with the Ravens kicking job in the first place.But releasing Cundiff was the right move to make, which probably comes as a surprise to Cundiff, who said eight days ago that "this is really a competition with myself." But Cundiff left himself vulnerable and it goes beyond that monumental miss in New England.

When the 2012 NFL draft had ended, the St. Louis Rams had parlayed the second overall choice into six choices: the 14th, 39th, 50th and 150th picks this year, plus first-round selections in 2013 and 2014.That was the net result of trades made before and during the draft.These were good trades for the Rams, in my view. More on that in a bit.

3: Tebow the fullbackThe Jets have used Tebow a little at H-back, tight end and split him out wide. But none of it worked. Sanchez either refuses to throw to Tebow, even if he's open, or hits Tebow in the helmet. Tim Brown now claims he never intended to suggest that former Oakland Raiders coach Bill Callahan sabotaged the Super Bowl in 2002. But in this week's Inside Slant podcast , Mike Sando and I discussed the impact of his original assertion and whether it will be used against him Feb. 2 when the Pro Football Hall of Fame selection committee assembles to elect the class of 2013.Could Brown have hurt his candidacy? Here's what one voter, Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News, tweeted this week: "Blaming your head coach for a Super Bowl loss is no way to wage a Hall of Fame campaign.

He said it himself that people don't understand that we only hate you two or three weeks out of the year."Clark added, "I will say this about the Ravens: Playing that first game last year and watching them dance on the field, seeing them fake an extra point while up 27 [points] already, it allowed me to understand how much they actually dislike us as an organization. It brewed and stirred up a little hate in me also for me to understand how I have to approach playing them and how I have to look at them."Clark, though, takes pleasure in giving his AFC North rival some jabs. "I still feel like, this organization, we worry about winning championships.

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